WELCOME TO Wolf's Revenge BBQ                

We cook for charity
Our group makes over  10,000 quarts of Brunswick stew every year but only for qualifying non profit events.  These fundraisers include High School bands, Churches, Lyons Clubs, Rotary Clubs, 4-H Clubs and other non-profit organizations.

How it works:
First, you must contact us to schedule an event.
We work with you to determine how much you
will need (your fundraising goal), where we will
cook and when we will cook the stew. We will
show up to your site on the predetermined day
and with your organizations help, we will show
you how to make and package the stew. It is
important that your organization has pre-sold
the stew (usually 500 quarts) and have your buyers ready to pick up the stew as soon as it’s cooked. 
We will bring all the ingredients along with consumables like the packaging, propane and paper towels.  You supply the volunteers to handle the stirring and packaging (must wear cotton clothes and have hats / hairnets or hair bows, be ready to wash your hands a lot).  

Our time and equipment is donated to help make your fundraising goals possible.
All food safety, local laws and health regulations will be followed. We can only cook at your location and will not pre-cook any items ahead of time.
Wolf’s Revenge BBQ LLC is a catering company
but we do not sell food to the public.
Your organization members arriving on time
to assist in the cooking is key to making this
work.   We do not provide volunteers to peel,
chop and stir for you. Your organization is
selling the stew, we are donating our time and
equipment to help you.
Exhibition Cooking
Our Stew masters have cooked and or served
to the public in a variety of ways. We can
cook anywhere from 10 gallons to 100 in a
single pot. These events were cooked under
the team name of “Proclamation Stew Crew”
where our Stew Master is a member.
The events where our Stew masters have
cooked include the following: 

• Smithsonian - National Folk Festival
• Richmond National folk festival
• Richmond Folk Festival
• Big Apple BBQ 2007
• Big Apple BBQ 2008