WELCOME TO Wolf's Revenge BBQ

competition and Stew SCHEDULE

 (Upcoming schedule of events in our region for 2019 and 2020)

Banner Christian  School Stew Fundraiser                      580 quarts delivered! 
Chesterfield, VA
Saint Bartholomew Church Stew Fundraiser                  839 quarts delivered!  
Henrico, VA
Fellowship Comm Church Mission Stew Fundraiser    525 quarts delivered!
Mechanicsville, VA
McShin Foundation Brunswick Stew                                500 quarts delivered! 
Henrico, VA
MABA Banquet                                                                Team of the Year for 2018!          
Charles Town, WV
RBA 360  Youth Baseball Stew Fundraiser                     500 quarts delivered! 
Mechanicsville, VA
  3/22 to 3/23

BBQ Gives Back - III and IV (Double)      1st place pork, 5th in chicken, 9th overall 

Urbanna, VA
  3/23 to 3/24
BBQ Gives Back - III and IV (Double)       180 Brisket (2nd place) and 6th overall
Urbanna, VA
4/5 to 4/6/19
The Ironman                                                   Grand Champions, 1st Ribs, 2nd in Pork
Greencastle, PA
4/19 to 4/20
Interstate BBQ Championship                                    6th in chicken, 15th overall
Hagerstown, MD
4/26 to 4/27

5th Annual Pickin' N' Pullin BBQ Comp                   3rd in brisket,  7th overall      

Lanexa, VA
5/03 to 5/04

BBQ Jamboree​ DOUBLE HEADER Day 1      2nd Chicken, 1st Brisket, Reserve Grand

Fredericksburg, VA
5/04 to 5/05
BBQ Jamboree​ DOUBLE HEADER Day 2      2nd Chicken, 4th ribs, 3rd Overall   
Fredericksburg, VA
5/17 to 5/18

Memphis In May (Cooking with Cool Smoke)      1st in Shoulder, 1st Overall!! 

Memphis, TN
5/24 to 5/25
Gettysburg BBQ Festival Day 1                                Grand Champions, 1st in Ribs
Gettysburg, PA
5/25 to 5/26
Gettysburg BBQ Festival Day 2                                Grand Champions, 2nd in chicken
Gettysburg, PA
6/08 to 6/9
Beltway BBQ Showdown                                  6th Overall, 6th in chicken, 5th in brisket
Up-Marlboro, MD
6/14 to 6/15
Bone Suckin Sauce Peak City Pig Fest            4th Overall, 9th in chicken, 7th in brisket
Apex, NC
6/22 to 6/23

Giant National BBQ Battle                                Reserve Grand Champions, 1st in pork

Washington, DC
6/28 to 6/29
York County  BBQ Festival                                    1st place chicken, 12th overall  
Delta, PA
7/12 to 7/13
Cumberland Plateau BBQ Cookoff and Cruise-In  Three top 10 calls, 11th overall
Jamestown, TN
7/19 to 7/20

Chilling & Grilling In The Glades                    3rd in pulled pork, 14th overall (ouch)

Wise, VA
7/26 to 7/27

Smoke in the Grove                                        1st in pulled pork, 1st in brisket, 7th overall

Spring Grove, PA
8/02 to 8/03

Pigs & Pedals                                                     19th over all of 40 teams (double ouch!) 

Asheboro, NC
8/09 to 8/10
Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show   3rd in brisket, 4th in chicken, 3rd overall
Franklin, NC
8/16 to 8/17
Smoking on the Dock of the Bay                     Grand Champions, 1st in pork, 5th in chx
Crisfield, MD
8/24 to 8/25

New Holland Summer Fest                   Reserve Grand Champions, 3rd chx, 5th Brisket

New Holland, PA
8/30 to 8/31
Blue Ridge BBQ & Brew Festival                  2nd in Pork,  6th in chicken,  7th overall
West Jefferson, NC
9/06 to 9/07

13th Annual Recovery Fest                              2nd in ribs, 3rd place overall!

Richmond, VA
9/13 to 9/14
2019 American Royal Invitational -               180 in Pork, 104th overall
Kansas City, MO
9/14 to 9/15

2019 American Royal Open -                           16th in Pork, 50th out of 468

Kansas City, MO
9/20 to 9/21
Tilly Harley Davidson Biker Blues                  Grand Champions, 1st in chicken
Salisbury, NC
9/27 to 9/28
Butts and Beans BBQ Challenge                       5th in chicken, 4th in pork, 7th overall
Newton, NC
10/4 to 10/5
Que n Cruz                                                            1st in chicken, 4th in ribs, 4th overall!
Louisa, VA
10/11 to 10/12
Eastern Carolina BBQ Throwdown                 6th in chicken, 2nd in pork, 3rd overall
Rocky Mount, NC
10/18 to 10/19
Royal Oak Invitational Only                             4th in ribs, 1st in pork, Grand Champions
Roswell, GA
10/26 to 10/27
ZOM-B-Q                                                              2nd in chx, 1st in ribs, Grand Champions
Wythville, VA
Currituck Heritiage Bulls and BBQ Festival   1st in chx, 1st in brisket, 3rd place overall
Powells Point, NC
11/08 to 11/09
Polar Pig BBQ Cookoff                                                    (Confirmed)
Concord, NC
 11/09 to 11/19

Polar Pig BBQ Cookoff                                                    (Confirmed)

Concord, NC
Smokin' With Smithfield National BBQ Championship  (Confirmed)
New Orleans, LA
Ridge Baptist Church Brunswick Stew                        (Confirmed)
Henrico, VA
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church  Stew                (Confirmed)
Henrico, VA
BBQ Event TBD                                                                (Confirmed)
Louiseville, KY
St Christophers School     Stew Fundraiser                 (Confirmed)
Richmond, VA
KCBS Annual Banquet                                                     (Confirmed)
Kansas City, MO
Fellowship community church  Stew                            (Confirmed)
Mechanicsville, VA
Cornerstone Youth Ministry  Stew Fundraiser           (Confirmed)
Chesterfield, VA
McShin Foundation Stew Fundraiser                           (Not Confirmed)
 Henrico, VA
MABA Banquet                                                                  (Confirmed)
Charles Town, WV